Artist: Emma Collins... “One of the greatest tragedies in life is to lose your own sense of self and accept the version of you that is expected by everyone else.” ― K.L. Toth

Wilting Winterrose

No knocks on the windows to my soul. No door, here the winters’ really cold. Though roses grow, Yes, they blossom in this place. They thrive in the darkness of my cage.

Wonders Of The Universe

Of many things in life I won't enjoy, The feel of your lips on mine Purely brings me joy. My hands, Tightened grip on your midnight hair Being away from your touch, Suffocating despair. I'd like to make a vow. To love you now Til the hunger in my soul is sated, This requires: Showered … Continue reading Wonders Of The Universe

My Garland Is Not Enough

I would like to dress you up in my garland draped in my finest flowers. The cherry tomato red of my vivid, unrestricted and flowing love, the turquoise blues of my free spirited and adventurous companionship. The jarring luminous green of my festering and persistent pain. The sunset red-oranges of my warmth & care. The … Continue reading My Garland Is Not Enough

Dead Womxn Tell Tales

I am tired of being dirty. I have scrubbed this skin with rubber, Raw pink goosebumps rising on the ends. In the end she was a corpse. A corpse that rose at the dead of dawn, Scent and senses stolen A tomb raid. Dragged to its grave Bathed in soil, Scrapped of all its possessions; … Continue reading Dead Womxn Tell Tales

You Will Not Leave Me

    You will not leave me Like the darkness that creeps Into the sunlight You will not leave me Beautiful black shadows like the night Your essence carries through the air Permeating like rain on soil Filling my lungs Making me think I am whole You will not leave me Though I decompose like … Continue reading You Will Not Leave Me

Because I am black [I Am Black]

Because We Are Black We are thieves Because We Are Black We cannot believe in any other god but the one brought by missionaries Because We Are Black We are filled with evil intent, lust and greed Because we are black We do not bleed Because we are inferior human beings Because We Are Black … Continue reading Because I am black [I Am Black]